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A business starts small.” – Richard Branson

Suppose, after years of searching, you have finally found vacant land in a beautiful location. It’s a property situated in a remote land or a property located in an urban jungle.

It is a good one, but you don’t know what to do next?

 On top of that, you have used all your savings in buying this piece of land. Now you need some money. 

Want to turn your land into money yielding machine?

Not all hope is lost my friend because there are many ways to earn money from your property. The land you may have been dreaming of holds several opportunities for you. 

Open Your Eyes And See Its Potential!

In this blog, we will cover what to do with empty land, and how to turn it into a profitable business. By the end of this article, you will have a lot on your table.

So, keep reading!

Top 14 Business Ideas for Vacant Land

Are you confused about what to do with land to make money? 

Well, you can turn your vacant property into an income-producing asset.

How, you ask? 

We are going to reveal a few business ideas for the vacant landowners which will help them to make money off of their property. 

Let’s explore some big business ideas below!

Do you know, you can make money buying land in these 16 ways?


Check here!

1.Boat storage

Want to know the simplest way to how to make money on vacant land? 

All you have to do is allow others to use it for boat storage.

Many boat owners need a storage property to store their boards for all winter long. So you can convert your land into boat storage and earn money only monthly.


2.Foresting the timber

Consider yourself lucky if you have a lot of timber on your land. How?


You can cut down these trees and sell them to big furniture production companies. Then, you can plant it back again and harvest it again. 

You can also start your own firewood business during winter and make a good living for yourself.

Isn’t a long-term big business stuff!

3.RV storage

Not sure, what exactly it?

Read here!

People who own their big toys, aka recreational vehicles, need a bigger space to store them. They don’t have enough space to keep it on their property, and it becomes difficult to find a spot to park while traveling. 

It is where your RV storage facility will come to the rescue.

You can create your own RV parking space in your vacant land to store RV. Mostly, indoor storage is desirable, so you will have to do a bit of clearing and construction. 

After completing the construction process, you can gain easy income daily by allowing the owners to store 10 RVs on your property.


We have one more deal breaker idea for you!


Sometimes, a quiet and peaceful place is all you need to spend your time with your friends and family. Sadly, in the urban jungle, it is very rare to find a camping park. 

So, if you want to make money, then turn your empty land into a camping ground.

It is one of the best business ideas to venture into today. Your empty land will turn into a paid camping site where families and their kids can have a good time.

But, if you want to use your land more scientifically.

We have a way!

5.  Solar energy

If you have money to purchase solar panels and create your solar farm to sell energy to electric companies. 

Or else you can give your empty land to a company that wants to install solar panels and generate solar energy.

Be a participant of using your resource to save the environment.

Feeling proud?

Well, you can help other and yourself in more ways!

6. Rent it Out

Don’t have enough money? Fret not and relax! 

You can gain regular income by giving your vacant land to a company or individuals for commercial use.

You can do that, but more inclined for animals’ care and making a way to do best for them and yourself?

Here is the quick idea!

8. Horse Stables

Many property owners are opting for this option. You can own these beautiful creatures and turn your property into a horse ranch.

You can charge people to visit the barns, horse races, horse riding, as well as other horse-related activities. It is the best way to earn a daily income.

More to explore!

Connect well with mother nature!

7. Farming

Urban farming is booming. 

It is one of the best small acreage business ideas which help you to generate solid homestead income.

Farming is profitable, but many landowners overlook this business. One can never go wrong with starting a farming business.

Once you step into this business, then you will gain a huge income by selling cash crops and food crops in the local markets.

Wondering, it is nice, but you are more of city type?

Well, city has more to offer and people need services

So, here is the deal!

8. Car Wash

It is one of the best roadside business ideas for you if you have empty land. If you have a property near a busy center or on a road then use this business plan.


But, here is the deal, talking about giving services, why not to do add up social work on your land.

Feel good and earn good

Wondering, what it can be?

Well, let us educate you to educate others!

9. Starting a School

It is another great business idea for you. If you have land and can afford the money, then you can use your land space and create a school. 

On top of that, you might relive your time too!

But, not ready for huge investment, no working lets keep the idea in parking lot for now and move on to the next way of earning money from your vacant land!

Here it is!

10. Parking Garage

Nowadays, finding a parking spot is a big challenge for car and motorcycle owners. 

If you use your empty land strategically and turn it into a paid parking space, then two-wheelers and four-wheelers can park their vehicles for a fee.

Sound easy and convenient?

Well, if that lowers down the labour investment for you, we have one more option too!

11. Cell phone towers

Want to make big money? 

Then create a cell phone tower in your vacant land. 

How to do it?

Firstly, you will have to allow the telephone company to install their cell tower. Secondly, you can negotiate the monthly rental fees.


Well, we have business idea in our list then!

Are you in search of an answer for how to develop land for residential use?

Here is the offer!

12. Housing development

You can turn your empty land into a beautiful house. Your goal is to create a house and turn it around completely and sell it for a huge profit.

If you don’t want to sell, then you still have many other options. You can either give your house on rent or turn it into a guesthouse.

Thinking, if it will suit the location or not?

Well, when location in mind, check what is all around.

Is your empty land situated near bars, clubs, barbershops, or any other popular places or events like festivals and sports?

Then here is your golden chance!

13. Start ATM Business 

Earn income by converting your land into an ATM business. This business is profitable, and you will receive money from what your ATM earns.

But, if you find this one risky?

Here is a tip!

Observe, the area has a lot of tourists?

Well, you can crack the deal here!

14. Cheap Hostel 

A hostel is yet another lucrative business. If your area has a lot of tourists, then you can build one cheap hostel. All you have to do is create rooms, washrooms, a dining area as well as a kitchen.

You don’t need any kind of experience to start such a business. If you organize everything, then we guarantee you that you will begin to gain profits from the first days.

Still, wondering what to do with an acre of land? 

Are you looking for some creative ideas like fruit farming or camping grounds? 

Then you will find the solution below.

Small Business Ideas for Vacant Land

If you want to use your land for creative business, then there are various ideas. 

Here you will find more recreational business ideas to use for your empty land.

Let us help figuring out the best one for you!

Tell us, are you nature lover?

If yes,

Here we are with beautiful, mesmerizing ideas that won’t connect well with your idea of utilizing the land for better income but come along with the two most amazing benefits for you.

What’s that?

  •  enhance the beauty of your land
  • High in Demand, so high return on investment

So, find here:

Herb Garden: Change your piece of the land into a herb garden and plant high-demand herbs and sell the products to other companies.

Community Garden: Another business idea is to convert your land into a community garden where individuals can pay rent for their gardening projects.

Build a Treehouse: If your property has mature hardwood trees, then create a treehouse and give it on rent to other people.

Golf Course: Turn your huge acres of land into a beautiful golf course and charge individuals for temporary usage or club memberships.

Beekeeping Farm: Producing honey, beeswax, and other products and selling it is another profitable business. You can turn your vacant property into a bee farm and gain a good income.

Fruit Farming: Grow fruits on your vacant land and sell them to private consumers as well as fruit juice manufacturers.

What do you think?

Interesting right!

But, hey, don’t settle here!

Know yourself little more, because your decision is going to demand the time and money investment too. 

And we are certain, you don’t want to go in loss!

So, tell, are you a cinephile?

Wondering, how it will lead you to the path generating money?

Well, we know you are not director, but imagine a movie shoot on your land?

Fascinating, isn’t it?

Well, keep your eyes open, because here is a list of ideas for you:

  • Drive-in Theatre
  • Outdoor Photography Studio
  • Film Location: Renting your land to movie crews

Along with that, if you are someone who likes thrilling, suspense in your movies, you can enjoy the real bullet shoots and more action on your land in real too with these ideas and simultaneously earn well too

Read here, how!

Outdoor Shooting Range: Utilize your vacant land and turn it into an outdoor shooting range for amateur shooters or private military and security companies.

Hunting Space: If there is a lot of wildlife on your land, then you can charge hunters for any hunting activities on your property.

Biking Course: Or else you could turn it into a biking course where people can ride BMX or motocross bikes.

Scavenger Hunts: Attract fun-loving people to your property who love to find clues. Convert your empty land into scavenger hunts and earn a good amount of money.

Found something of your interest yet?

Looking for more to explore?

No Fret!

Do you love celebrations?

If yes, we have got your back so you can follow your passion and make money from your vacant land!

Here you are for vacant land use ideas: 

Events Centre
Wedding Garden
Religious Revival Events
Christmas Tree Farm
Food Park
Scouting Events and Jamborees
Drone Racing Events

Doesn’t sound like a fun world?

But, if you are little opposite and peace lover, here is a list of ideas:

Spa Retreat Center
Outdoor Yoga Studio:
Old People’s Home
Amusement Park
Religious Revival Events
Glamping Facility

Furthermore, if you have huge piece of land, you can certainly divide it and blend the idea of starting:

  • Wildlife Preservation
  • Pet Park
  • Dairy Farm

But, if heart doesn’t stick on wild life works, well, ask yourself, would like to shop after experiencing the calmness of spa service

Well, if your hearts says, YES!


Fashion Village: Set up a fashion village and invite sellers who sell designer shoes, accessories, clothes, and other items.
Antiques Market: If you live in a rural area, then turn your space into an antique market where people can buy antique stuff.
Shopping Mall: If you have money, then turn your urban property into a large shopping center where huge brands can sell their products.

Interested to merge but has scope of add u more.

Well, try out to create some hobbies here like:

Ice Rink: Set up an outdoor skate ice rink on your empty land and charge money for entrance.
Hay Rides: Who doesn’t love hayrides? So bring the tractors and pull visitors and give them a tour.
Paintball Course: Welcome visitors after setting up a paintball course on your empty land.
Zipline attraction: If you have a sloped land with great views, then create a zipline course that people pay to use.
Telescope: If your property is located in an isolated area, away from pollution, and has sky views, then install a telescope for astronomers and researchers.

Was this list of creative alternative ways to turn your land and earn money helpful? 

We hope you have found what you were looking for among things you land list. 

These creative business ideas are not only for other people. You can use it for your enjoyment as well.

Final Words

Now that you have various creative ideas to turn your empty property into a money yielding machine, go and prosper our new fellow entrepreneurs. There are endless ways to use your vacant land, so think out of the box and pick any of the business ideas we have suggested above. 

Lastly, thanks for being there with us till the end.

Spread the word.


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