What is jackshaft garage door opener and how it works

jackshaft garage door opener

The garage door services have seen various different styles over the last few years. These walls supported garage door openers which are frequently referred to as jackshaft openers, are a distinctive manner of machine that is ascended to either the left side or right side of the door of the garage, in opposition to the track and rail system of the machinery. 

Jackshaft garage door opener is attached to the garage doors torsion shaft so that it can lift up and lower the door of the garage. Also, nearly all the garage door openers initiated in residential houses are positioned beyond the doors of the garage nearly in the middle and is known as the trolley bar.

The jackshaft garage door opener is the most up to date style that has recently been connected to the market. This latest technique can be settled and situated on either side of the door of the garage which further helps in leaving the space over and above the door empty and free.

What is jackshaft garage door opener and how it works
What is jackshaft garage door opener and how it works

There are two variants of the jack shaft garage door opener:

  • Commercial jackshaft garage door opener.
  • Residential jackshaft garage door opener.

In the recently designed houses, a new type of fashion has been observed, where the ceilings of the garage are very much huge than the peak of the door of the garage. This brings the most area out of the garage without the involvement of the rail system that chocks the open space present over the door of the garage.  

Special places where garage door openers are a must:

There are some places where the chamberlain garage door openers are a very highly recommended product. 

Garages which have large ceilings.

If the ceiling of the garage is elevated than the door of the garage then a vertical system will support to utilize the most space which is present above the door of the garage and is readily available to be used. 

Halls or places which have angled ceilings.

When this type of ceiling is available, it becomes more suitable and appropriate to operate a Liftmaster jackshaft garage door opener. As the Liftmaster jackshaft services provide convenient service accessibility if any sort of problems arises at times. 

A garage where the entire deepness is not satisfactory for the central opener.

A conventional garage door opener needs a minimum of 48 inches area over the door. Warming systems like the boilers and pipes can be utilized in the process as they could easily avert the installation process.

Some important facts about jackshaft garage door openers

  • The jackshaft garage door openers can not be used on short space doors. However, it can be utilized easily on straight, conventional and tall-lifted doors of the garage.
  • The opener system of jackshaft is attached to the tube where t\he spring is affixed. Hence, this jackshaft garage door opener system can only be utilized with the torsion spring garage door system. 
  • The garage door opener system of jackshaft stand in need of clearance of 7 inches alongside the door and also 3 inches in excess of the tube or the shaft. 
jackshaft garage door opener
jackshaft garage door opener reviews

Some advantages of the Jackshaft opener system

  • It appears with the protection turnaround system the same as that of the trolley door system.
  • The Liftmaster garage door openers system can be utilized on that door which is almost 14 feet large or it can also be utilized with a door that has a maximum height of 180 square feet.
  • Further, Liftmaster 8500 has a protection system of +2.0 which provides superior security for the codes to be provided to the remotes. Also, this system can be controlled easily with all most all the smart devices. 

The distinction between the Jackshaft and the Trolley doors 

  • The trolley door is a type of rail system that is positioned at the peak of the door of the garage which becomes the cause you mislay the area over the door. 
  • The jackshaft door system is therefore situated on any of either side of the door permitting you to sustain some space over the door.
  • The positioning time applied to both of the garage door opener systems is equal but the value and pricing of the jackshaft system are 25%-30% higher than that of the trolley door.  

To position up the Jackshaft openers a garage door should always encounter the following circumstances:

  • The door of the garage should be stabilized correctly.
  • The torsion bar of the door should be approximately 1 inch in diameter.
  • The diameter of the drum of the door should always restrict the mass of the door of the garage.

chamberlain garage door openers

  •  The diameter drum which is of about 3 to 3.9 inches will hold up garage doors of up to 430 lbs.
  • The diameter drum which is of about 4 to 6 inches will hold up garage doors of up to 850lbs.
  • Moreover, the upright standing garage doors will utilize 10” narrow drums.
  • The garage door should not exceed 54 inches of towering lift.
  • The height of the door should not exceed the height of 14 feet, the width of 18 feet, and the area of 180 square feet.
  • The suggestion of track radius is 15” the lower limit of the radius should be 12”, and the highest should be 32”.
  • The rapid turning brackets can be really important with a short headroom radius path of 12”.
  • The old models of the Jackshaft openers can hold up to 650 pounds of door weight, whereas the new and latest models of the Jackshaft openers can hold up to 850 pounds of the door weight. But, the condition is that the internal battery must necessarily be placed. 
  • The usual garage door weather solo or dual must have a minimum radius track of 12” or maximum radius track of 32”.
  • The following the pitch doors generally utilize the tall raised drums.
  • Further, the tall raised doors or the high lift doors function perfectly with the jackshaft openers as their bottom panel is so far in the upright tracks. 
jackshaft garage door opener
jackshaft garage door opener reviews

Now after knowing almost everything about the Jackshaft garage door openers, you must be thinking about the best one to buy. As the garage door opener is an out to have a thing for all those who want to keep the proper care and security of their garage.

While expanding the safety of your garage, the garage door openers work as a source of ease and convenience. Also, they are easily operable with smartphones both Android and iOS which further lets you open, close and manage the activities taking place in and around the garage.  

The best top jackshaft garage door openers in 2020

The top-most trending jackshaft garage door openers as in 2020 are as follows:

  • Chamberlain RJ020
  • Liftmaster 8500
  • Liftmaster 3800 LM
  • 8500 Liftmaster two

After performing an elite learning performance check and checking on the reviews, we found out that out of all the topmost jackshaft garage door openers, Liftmaster 8500 is the best and most popular garage door opener which is commonly used. 

Jack shaft garage door opener reviews

Let us now have a look at some of the best and most helpful reviews of the best jackshaft garage door opener i.e. Liftmaster 8500, which makes it unique and the most popular.

Liftmaster 8500 Elite Series 8500 Jackshaft Operator

What is jackshaft garage door opener and how it works
What is jackshaft garage door opener and how it works
  • The Liftmaster 8500 Elite series Jackshaft operator is one of the stylish, elegant, and area-saving set up on the wall by the side of the door of the garage, which releases and liberates the space of your ceiling.
  • This elite series model of garage door opener comes up with the new and latest safety version of 2.0 and my app.
  •  For providing systematic and strong work performance to the users, it uses p3 motors. As p3 motors services very silently and also it does not give rise to any sound or vibration. 
  • Moreover, it is claimed to be the best model from the LiftMaster Elite series.
  • The installation process is really very easy and convenient.
  • The Liftmaster 8500 has a very good battery backup.
  • The best part is it posts notifications and alerts directly via email or pop-ups to the smartphone, tablet, or computer your system is connected to. 
  • The customer support provided is excellent as claimed by the company and reviewed by the users.

Rating provided by the users to Liftmaster 8500 Elite Series 8500 Jackshaft Operator

  • Energy regulation- 9.6
  • Strength- 8.9
  • Volume- 9.1
  • Noise measure- 8.7 
  • Movability- 9.5
  • Authenticity- 8.6

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