How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch

How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch

There are a variety of generators that you can buy for different purposes. Perhaps you can have or own a portable generator for household requirements or for standby mode so that you can easily hold on in times of heavy storms when there are no electricity provisions. How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch

It does not count at all that for which reason you buy a generator, the only important part you need to know is how to utilize it without creating any sort of problem. There are many people out there who buy power generators for their household requirements but are actually oblivious about the fact on how to use them.  

But before preceding many people have queries regarding what exactly is an inverter generator. So let us throw some light on the same. 

What is an inverter generator?       

An inverter generator is basically a device which electronically chokes the engine vacillating to encounter the demand rather than managing the whole pitch all the time long. 

Further, the arising development in effectiveness means that you are not required to fulfill the gas tank as frequently as you used to do earlier. Also, the inverter generator can turn out lower radiations and are usually very silent. 

How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch
How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch

Now when you are aware of the fact what is an inverter generator, people are in general unaware of the fact of how to use the generator and also the major situation which comes about is using these power generators without having any transfer switch. 

Therefore, let us now discuss the fact on how to attach a generator to your house without the availability of an actual transfer switch. 

Prior to we begin further, keep in mind that we are transacting with the situation where we don’t have a transfer switch, but things could have turned out to be better if you would have bought a good quality generator. This does not mean that the one you have will not work at all. 

Further, transfer switch is really very crucial to stay away from any sort of destruction to the electronic devices in your house. Also, it puts a stop to any sort of tragedies for workers or labourers who handle the power lines. 

Both of the models of the transfer switch either automated or manual are really very costly. So many times many people fail to buy them. Therefore, we will give you a secure method to attach your generator to your house without the transfer switch. 

List of necessary items which are required

  • The interlinking kit.

It is the essence of the entire process as it will assist you to affix your generator to the main service panel. Although for the effectual utilization, the transfer switch requires to equalize the exact model of the generator you have. 

  • Choice of breaker according to the type of generator.
How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch

The choice of breaker entirely hinges on the category and type of the generator. Whatever the problem is, you should always keep in mind that the breaker should be able to encounter all the power requirements of your household as well as that of the generator. 

  • Electric wires for establishing connections.

Wires are an important item in the process, as it will help you at the time of connection. But always remember to select wires of various colors, as it will make it convenient for you to get together the generator. 

  • Electric tools like drills, wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers. 

At last, you will obviously need some tools to complete the entire process and make it a victory. Some essential tools which are required in the process are wrenches, drill machine and drills, pliers and some different types of screwdrivers. 

STEP-1 Gather all the necessary material and tools.

When you are transacting with electricity, be every time ready with the correct and necessary material and tools. Once you are all assured that everything around is inside the outstretched and all the protection estimations are correct, most part of the process is already sorted out.

No doubt, you will require tolerance and the correct guidelines later on. But having all actual types of equipment will every time be a good and perfect beginning for such tasks. Moreover, this step is the most important step for creating a generator transfer switch for your home generator without having an actual transfer switch.  

Therefore successfully collect all the relevant material necessary for the process like Interlock kit, breaker, wires, security gauges, and all electrical tools.

STEP-2 Examine the overall amperage.

How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch

Now once you are aware of all the safety and security measures, the succeeding step should be inspecting and examining the plug type of your generator and the overall amperage which is initiated around the plug.

As the plug is in charge of providing power to both the sides of the breaker. Also, you can clearly read the amperage codes on the plug and after reading this information, you can utilize it to modify and regulate the material appropriately.

STEP-3 Safely drill a hole to let pass the electric wires.

After modifying the material appropriately, the succeeding step is to drill an appropriate hole accordingly. This hole works as the portal of the wire from the generator to your home. 

While drilling a perfect hole, always keep in mind to build it huge enough so that it can easily authorize all the wires comfortably and conveniently through it. 

Also, the area of the hole should be easily locatable, and also the position should be in a way which makes the generator far away from your location. 

STEP-4 Congregating various contrasting elements.

The concluding and the last step in the entire process of affixing your generator, where the actual work is done is congregating various contrasting elements. You can begin this step by ascending the power vent on the outer wall.

Also, carefully look over and make sure that the power vent is entirely waterproof. Further, acquire a duct and gather it all together. You can also make use of some glue, to make sure the actual attachment. This step is important to maintain the safety of all the things around. 

The next step with the power vent is to plug in the wiring system successfully. Haul the wires single at a time from the body of the duct and then easily fasten them with the main plug.

At last, compose the breaker box to collect the wires and once you position up the wires and the breaker deposit, cover the entire breaker box. 

How to connect a generator to house without transfer switch?

STEP-1 Gather all the necessary material and tools.

STEP-2 Examine the overall amperage.

STEP-3 Safely drill a hole to let pass the electric wires.

STEP-4 Congregating various contrasting elements.


An interlock kit is the most important part in generators direct to your house without the transfer switch. Never use any illegal methods and also if you don’t have the proper knowledge of wiring or tools, always try to hire an electrician for the same so as to prevent any mishappening and ensuring safety. 

Also many times people have a portable generator and they too want to connect it to their house without the transfer switch. Let us learn how to do that also.

How to connect a portable generator to house without transfer switch?

Follow these simple and easy steps to attach a portable generator to your house without the transfer switch:

  • Decide the necessary electronic items which are important for the working of the household.
  • Record up the appliances and devices which are necessary and in use, and a further look at their voltages or the power needs.
  • Select a relevant wiring system.
  • Place a vent box connection.
  • Ensure the safety of yourself and your family.
  • Get your entire setup examined by some experienced electric worker. 

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