How to open garage door with broken spring

how to open garage door with broken spring

So you must be probably thinking of whether you can actually open up your garage door with the help of a broken spring. Sorry to mention, but this really needs to be done when you are stuck on any one side of your garage. 

The good and relaxing news is that you can open the door if any such situation arises, but the sad part is that this process may not be easy for you. 

But don’t worry in this article you will get to know some of the easy steps and techniques on how to open a garage door with a broken spring.

The very first thing you need to actually find out is if your garage door has a broken spring or not?

Firstly, make an effort to discover why is the door of the garage not opening. There can be several major reasons in which it becomes necessary to call someone from a repair shop, but if the issue is minor you will be able to resolve it.

Garage door springs

How to open garage door with broken spring
How to open garage door with broken spring

There are basically two major ways to know if there is a problem in the garage door springs:

  • If the motor of your opener is working effectively, but the door of the garage is not at all operational, or there could be any type of noises related to opener twirling or twisting to lift the door up.
  • You might overhear a very loud pop-up sound exactly like that of a firecracker. This sound is of the spring breaking which would further generate many problems for you. 

Is it safe to use opener remote for opening the door of the garage?

If a broken spring is available with you, do not strive to utilize the opener to open the door of your garage at all. It is not at all important if you have the best quality and best brand opener. Therefore never ever use an opener if a broken wire is available. 

Garage door spring replacement

Making use of an opener along with the broken spring can lead to expensive consequences, like:

  • Rupturing or screwing up of the door panels.
  • The plundering of gears in the opener.
  • Deformation of the rails.
  • Blazing out of the motor of the opener.
  • Smashing and cracking up of the various parts of the opening carriage.
  • In some infrequent cases, the situation can arise which can lead to breaking and falling apart of the opener from the ceiling. 

Is it secure and reliable to open the door of the garage with the help of a broken spring?

Being a professional it is instructed as to not to try to open the garage door if the garage door spring is broken or is damaged. 

Let us have a look at why not to open the garage door spring is broken. 

The door of the garage is generally fitted out with two different kinds of springs.

  • One is the extension springs, which are present on both the sides of the door along the rails. It further helps to counterbalance the entire mass of the door when and as it is lifted or dropped. 
  • The other springs are the Torsion springs, these springs are present over the top of the door and assists in the substantial and massive lifting. 

Now, most of the time people have queries related to how to open garage door with broken extension spring or how to open garage door with broken torsion spring, the explanation below answer their question. As while opening the door both the wires play an equivalent role in the process. 

The doors of the garage are in general built from wood or metal, they can be contemplated in the area of over 500 pounds. If any of the springs of the door is damaged, you will have to bear all the heavy consequences. 

Therefore, to ensure your well-being, it is always better and convenient to call a high-quality and highly reputed repair service which is reliable and authentic. 

How to open garage door with broken spring

If you are in urgent need of opening your garage door, but you are unable to use the opener because you require a garage door spring repair, some of the necessary points are mentioned below which are highly suggested to be taken care of:

  • Obtain a helping hand for yourself as the door would be really very heavy to handle it all alone. 
  • Apply the utmost care to your task. Also, defend your back and be very alert not to tweak your fingers. Also, hold the door safely; don’t let it fall off on your feet. 
  • You need to operate the door of your garage manually until the garage door spring replacement process takes place. 
  • Further, detach the door from its opener. This can be done by pulling the door with any handle or rope until and unless the mechanism unbolts.
  • Now you can attentively lift the door until it gets resolved in its place throughout the horizontal rails. 

While lifting the door, always remember:

  • The door is really very heavy. So, do not try to be a superhero and start lifting it alone, better take help of someone.
  • Do not distort the side panels of the door by shoving them or jerking them really hard. 
  • Be careful about your fingers; do not let it get stuck between the panels.
  • Keep the level of the door correct so as to keep away the curving up of the rails. 

how to open garage door manually with broken spring

These important points which are important also give the perfect explanation to the answer to the question of how to open the garage door manually with broken spring. As the entire process is done and regulated manually. 

Many a times situation can arise when you need to open the garage door with the spring, but your spring is broken. We have the solution for that too. Let us now have a look at how to replace garage door spring:

Step-1 Bolt down the door you need to open.

Step-2 Detach the spring which is unbroken.

Step-3 Loosen up the spring which is unbroken.

Step-4 Disengage all the springs from the bracket which is in the middle.

Step-5 Make use of the locking pliers and fix the torsion tube.

Step-6 Separate the old spring.

Step-7 Compute the diameter of the wire and purchase the parts for replacement according to it.

Step-8 Position up the new spring.

Step-9 Properly thread up all the cables.

Step-10 Straighten up the springs and lubricate them well. 

Is it risky or menacing to restore the spring of the garage door?

If you are a noob and do not actually have any knowledge as to how to accurately restore the spring of the garage door, you should not at all take up the danger of any sort of injuries from springs splintering back at you or the door dropping down at you. 


You can always try to do so in case of any emergency arises, but avoid it as much as you can, and try to hire experts for this work.

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